The making of "Where is your sting"

From sketch to t-shirt in creating the design for "Where is your Sting?" I wanted walk you guys through the design process for this t-shirt as I give you a nice behind-the-scenes look at my work. 

Design In Process

1. Sketches

sketch of snakesketch of snakesketch of snakesketch of snake

My initial sketches are really rough scribbles, far from miniature master pieces. The purpose here is to tease out concepts and move them from my head and onto the paper. Everything looks great in my head, sometimes not so much once I sketch it out.

At this point though, I was at least convinced that this concept was worth pursuing. I knew that I wanted to illustrate a sword going through a snake and I wanted to include the words "O' Death, Where is your victory? O' Death, Where is your sting?" The layout, the colors and how all that would come together was still to be determined. 

2. Research


I began doing research and looking for inspiration. I do this not to find something to copy but to find an appropriate illustration style and to decide on proportions, scale, things like that. After I had a good idea of the style, there were numerous iterations of drawings to figure out the layout.


3. Digital

This is the stage where I move into digital. Illustrator is my go to program because vector art allows me to scale infinitely and make adjustments without losing quality. Below are some snapshots as I made layout decisions, adjustment to the design, further refinements until I arrived at the final design.


4. Mockup

Once I had my final design, I do two different types of mockups. The first is the traditional photoshop mockup on an existing image to get a feel for how it looks. The second is a print of the design that I cut out and place on a real shirt. I did this a few times until I was happy with the size and position in relationship to the shirt. 


5. Send to Print

From there I had my final size for the design and began working with the print shop on colors, placement and shirt style in order to place our order. You can follow the button below to see and shop the shirt.

Article Author - Seth Thomas

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