Testimony Photoshoot with Zer Surigao

Beneath the boundaries of everyday life, sounds of halting metal on metal, and the scurrying footsteps of the every day 9-5, inspire the imagination that captured these moments. Educatingthewheelers proudly presents the testimony of Zer Surigao, the youth pastor at Fielder South Oaks, in conjunction with our photoshoot with him in Dallas at the City place / Uptown DART station. 


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We all have a start to our journey. Mine started in California as a little boy who grew up a pastor’s kid. My dad was the pastor of the church I grew up in for 17 years. This meant that for the majority of my childhood, I was practically at every Sunday morning service, every Wednesday night prayer meeting, every Bible study, every Friday youth night, and whatever other event our church had. My dad even had me write songs and poems, and each week I would perform them in front of the whole church. I guess you could say that I was a good “Christian” kid.

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I mean, I had all my religious and spiritual boxes checked. Go to church – check. Read the Bible – check. Pray to God for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and when I wake up and when I sleep – check. Then at 10 or 11 years old (I honestly don’t remember when), I said the sinner’s prayer to be saved and was baptized at 12. I thought I was all good, that I had done everything I needed to do. I was wrong.

Ironically, the next four years of my life were hell – smoking weed, drinking alcohol, partying it up, being apathetic towards everyone and everything. My life was spiraling out of control, and I couldn’t break free from it. Then I hit rock bottom – high as a kite, standing at the end of our roof, thinking about taking my life. I remember saying a prayer, “God, if You’re real, save me from this.”

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By His mercy, I didn’t hurt myself and a week later, my dad gave me the opportunity to live in the Philippines for school. I took the opportunity as a clean slate, a way to break free from the crazy life I was living.  

You know, a few months alone changes you. I was having to rediscover myself and, more importantly, I was discovering God and who He really is and what He’s done for me. See, it didn’t matter that I had done all those good religious things and had every spiritual box checked; I was lost and dead in my sins, and no amount of good works I had done could ever save me. Only Jesus could. And alone in an office-turned-bedroom, I submitted to Jesus, vowing to follow Him for the rest of my life. 

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Now, I still go to church, read my Bible, and pray. I even still write songs and poems that I occasionally perform for churches. The difference now is that I’m not putting on a religious show trying to check off all my spiritual boxes. I’m not trying to win approval and acceptance from God; I already have that through Jesus. Everything I do now stems and flows from my love for God because of all that He has done for me – that He lived the life I could never live and died the death that I deserved.

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Article Author - Seth Thomas

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  • Angelisa Canton

    Never would have known. God saved you so you can serve Him. PTL🙏🙏🙏

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