Death, Where is your sting?

This is for you, who lost a loved one to torment, who battles with anxiety over the certain uncertainty of your own death and of those you love the most, and for you who doubt your salvation.

Feelings, I’ve been told, are as real as they are unreliable. Ive been plagued by fear where there was no danger in sight. When my mind and body are at sorts with each other I’ve been fortunate enough to engrave deep in my mind this truth: God is constant, He is real, and His Word is true. Always. All the time.

Where is your sting, death? Jesus paid for it all. Whether I feel it or not, in this particular moment or another, Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection did happen, and His promises of love and everlasting life along side Him are real too.

There is no more sting. We have hope. Praise His name



Death, Where is your sting?

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Article Author - Fiorella Thomas

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