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I recently got connected through Instagram with Ketch Smith and his awesome podcast, Coffee + People Podcast.

Ketch's podcast, Coffee + People, is all about sharing peoples stories. It was immediately evident that this dude loves coffee and loves people. He sits down with all different kinds of people and just chats about why they do what they do and how they got to where they are. I personally find the podcast both chill and inspiring. When you listen to the podcast, you just feel like you are sitting in the room and are a part of a conversation between friends. And at the same time, I always feel inspired by the awesome stories of people in the DFW he interviews that are making, creating, designing, building, and filming. 

After getting acquainted and messaging back and forth (on Instagram) with Ketch about what each of us does and what our respective brands are all about, he invited Fiorella and I to be guests on his podcast. 

My initial response was, "That sounds cool!" Immediately followed by, "To be honest we don't drink coffee 🙃."

Because, what better way to accept an invitation to a fantastic opportunity than to state why you wouldn't be a good fit?

On the drive up to Lewisville to record our episode, I was beginning to feel really nervous. Nervous because I've never been on a podcast before. Anything that was recorded for Educatingthewheelers, up to this point, had always been in writing. I love writing because, as an introvert, it offers me the time and flexibility to craft words exactly the way I wanted. Podcasts on the other hand, do not allow that flexibility. 

After talking through the scenario with my wife, I realized that the real fear here stems from my illusions of control with our company, and the thought that recording a podcast stripped me of that control. Ultimately, God is in control of all that we do and any success of this company. That realization gave me peace and sufficient courage as I was reminded that I am simply an ambassador and if God has given me this opportunity to share our story, all I can do is be obedient and do the best I can.  

After you listen to our story, make sure to go check out his podcast and the rest of the inspiring episodes. One last note, In the future I will do my best to eliminate as many "likes" from my speech as possible 😅(I cringed through the whole episode listening to myself).

Thank you again to Ketch, if you are reading this, for having us on your show and for providing us the opportunity and a space to further share our story of obedience to what God has called us to do.

Article Author - Seth Thomas

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