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In 2015, I took a snowboarding trip with a friend of mine to Colorado and stayed at his parents house in Denver. Each day we drove up the mountain to a different resort and returned in the evening. After two days, heavy snow storms prevented us from driving back up. A photographer friend of mine, in Denver at the time, asked if I wanted to join him and another photographer on a road trip down to Garden of the gods in Colorado Springs. Since the snowboarding aspect of my trip was effectively ended, I jumped at the opportunity. I was essentially a pack mule, helping to carry their equipment, as I had no camera of my own nor did I know how to use any of theirs. I was there for the adventure, the laughs and the memories. But they were on a mission.

We arrived early enough to hike around the park in search of a very particular view through a "window" looking at pikes peak and waited for the sun to set. By the way, the temperature drops dramatically in Colorado when the sun starts going down. I mostly watched them set up their professional equipment, in awe of how technical it was and how expensive I could have guessed it must have been. 

Even though I didn't have a fancy camera with me, I was strapped with a brand new iPhone 5s and I didn't want the moment to pass without capturing it. Staying out of their way, I was able to snap a few keep sake shots. Nothing special, but enough to hold the memory.

Fast forward to 2018. I was working on this t-shirt design and I knew I wanted a photograph that felt like the viewer was inside a dark cave with the light shining in. The very moment I wanted to capture was when the stone was rolled away from Jesus' grave. The tomb still filled with despair but as the rays of light reflected off the rocks, it was evident that Jesus was missing, He had risen! 

I searched and searched the internet, photography sites, stock footage, and could not find the image that captured the vision in my mind. Until I remembered that photo taken on a iPhone 5s four years prior. I sifted through old photos and files on my computer until I finally hunted it down.


Open Cave Photo- Black and White

The Best is yet to come_Art


The best is yet to come t-shirt


Article Author - Seth Thomas

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