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Seasons End

Over four years ago we answered a pull on our hearts to start Educatingthewheelers. In faith, we gave God our obedience to create gospel centered apparel and serve our community with a portion of the profits. We defined success as being obedient and leaned into Gods leadership. God used this time, and Educatingthewheelers to grow my faith and character. I learned about resolve, steadfastness, placing my hope in God, and laying my burdens and disappointments on His shoulder. He gave me courage and confidence both in my self and in Him to forge the rivers and accomplish difficult tasks. I imagined that henceforth, Educatingthewheelers would always be a part of our lives, but we know there is a time...

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Behind The Art // The Best is yet to come

I was there for the adventure, the laughs and the memories. But they were on a mission. Even though I didn't have a fancy camera with me, I was strapped with a brand new iPhone 5s and I didn't want the moment to pass without capturing it. Staying out of their way, I was able to snap a few keep sake shots.

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Q&A with Kevin Coronado

One of the main reasons we exist is to create products that start conversations about Jesus. We believe that the authentic conversations that naturally develop from questions about our designs will create meaningful opportunities to share Jesus with others.  We recently sat down with one of our customers and friends, Kevin Coronado, to ask him questions about an experience and conversation he had with a student.

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The Cost of Love

The truest act of Love is a perfectly righteous God leaving a perfect heaven, coming down in human form to a broken and sinful world, knowing all along He would die on a cross by the hands of those He loved, so that He could save them. This is love, Off the chart, immeasurable, God size love. 

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Germany Mission Trip - Trust in God

My wife, Fiorella, and I recently went on a 2 week mission trip to Germany with a group from our church. Now that we have been back home for almost a month, I wanted to share a few of my experiences. This is in no way comprehensive of the entire trip. I could have written a post on each individual day and, in hindsight, I probably should have. 

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Deny Thyself

When Christ calls us to Deny Ourselves, He isn't calling us to sell all of our possessions, live on the streets, beg for money, and starve. It is a call to be like Christ. To submit to the will of the Father for our lives, for the benefit of others, and to the glory of God. 

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Sold Out