Transforming a hobby into a business; how my father is making a living out of his kayaking hobby

kayaking hobby

When I was young, just like many boys do, I struggled to get along with my father. When my grandfather was alive, he liked to remind me that I shared a lot of similarities with my father who also found it difficult getting along with him.

However, as I grew older, I started looking for ways that would enable us mend our differences.  Whenever I found myself brooding like any young boy, I would remind myself of all the good things he had done for me.

I was lucky to be brought up in a coastal city which has exposed me to a lot of fun outdoor water activities such as snorkeling, surfing and kayaking. My father, who is now a retired colonel, loved kayak fishing and I occasionally accompanied him whenever he went to fish in the ocean. Kayak fishing was one of the greatest skills he taught me.

He owned three kayaks, two hard-shell kayaks and one inflatable kayak. He taught me kayaking basics with the inflatable kayak which is one of the best kayaks for beginners. The inflatable kayak was extremely stable and it could accommodate extra weight unlike the other two hard-shell kayaks.

After kayaking severally with my father, I gained immense skills and I could kayak on my own when I was twelve years old. Apart from kayaking, he also introduced me to kayak fishing. Kayaking together with my father strengthened the bond between us and with time, we became great friends. We would occasionally go fishing together especially on weekends.

Upon his retirement, my father bought a retirement home in a smaller city that is a few miles away. By then, I was already working and I was also married. I had a son who was three years old by the time my parents moved out of the city to the small town.

In the new small town, life was easy for my parents. They could easily get fresh groceries from the nearby farms cheaply. There was also no traffic or noise pollution unlike in the big town where I lived. Life in this town seemed to suit my parents who were looking for a more peaceful environment to reside in.

The small town where they live is surrounded by two big rivers. My father would occasionally go kayak fishing in the rivers, a thing that he really enjoyed.

Three years after settling down, my father was running out of money and he needed to start a venture that would keep him occupied. He asked me for some ideas on the best venture he would start.

I realized that a kayaking business would suit him since he had been kayaking for a long time and he had made lot of friends in the kayaking industry. He agreed on the idea and we immediately began putting up a store for kayaks and fishing gear.

We set up the shop in the small town and I also helped him to set up a website to sell some affordable kayaks and blogs where he would keep his audience updated on his activities.

Apart from dealing in affordable kayaks, he also began doing repairs for old and worn out kayaks. The store has been doing very well and my father is making good money out of his hobby.

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