The adaptations of man and the need for healthy foods

women fashion industryWhen man was living in the cold jungles, his body was covered in hair as an adaptation to his environment. He then discovered fire and started cooking his food and enjoying warmth by the fire place, this among other factors contributed to hair shed in man. He also started building houses to keep warm at night.

However, man had to go out every day into the wilderness to hunt and gather food. He therefore needed to keep warm and also protect his now vulnerable skin. He also became aware of his nakedness and this resulted to the need for some form of covering. He then started making clothes from leaves; then hide and skin. This intellectual growth process in man happened over a period of time.

Today, clothes are regarded as a norm in the society. It is expected that one should be modest and also fashionable as one interacts with the others.  The fashion field sprung up from the need of man to have an appealing look. Trends in fashion are changing daily. The type of clothes that were worn in the 50’s are now obsolete and fashion is always changing. In a bid to look fashionable, fashion designers keep experimenting using different styles.

Designers in the are the busiest lot of designers. Women are very dandy and fashion conscious. How women look on the outside really matters a lot to them more than it does for men. The designers have come up with fancy types of clothes for women ranging from bras to the very interesting leggings that have been widely accepted and worn by women across the globe.

Men too have become fashion conscious and the designers in the men’s domain too are busy as they search for interesting attires for men. It is no secret that in the modern world, that the choice of attire matters in respect to different occasions. It is therefore paramount for every person to wear clothes that fits the occasion and also those that are morally accepted in the community.

The body shape matters in the inquest for looking fashionable; for example leggings are better looking on a slender body than on an excessively fat body type. It is therefore important to intake a balanced diet to ensure that lifestyle diseases such as obesity do not limit a woman from the clothes that they choose to wear.

When the body extracts the required fat, excessive fat is stored in the body. Lack of exercise and poor eating habits will lead to unhealthy body and an unappealing overweight body. It is therefore important to consume only the required amount of fat. Foods such as hummus are very popular foods in helping one to remain lean.

Hummus has gained popularity among countries in the west, even though the food originated from the Middle Eastern.  The dish has low cholesterol which means a healthy heart. The dish also contains nutrients that help alleviate diseases such as anemia. This has led the dip to be regarded as an alternative to unhealthy laboratory manufactured foods.

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