Satisfying my children’s growing appetites using modern kitchenware

modern kitchenware

My family’s eating appetite is growing bigger, this is because my kids are growing bigger. They are now entering their teens. My first born son is now fifteen, my second born, my daughter is thirteen, and she is followed closely by my second born son who is just turning twelve. My last born daughter is nine years old.

With my kids growing up, I have realized a major change in their eating habits. All the kids apart from my last born daughter have recently developed a huge appetite. Any food that I cook is summarily cleared unlike in the past when there would be lots of left overs. Nowadays, the fridge is repeatedly raided and I can hardly keep up with the demand.

Having been raised by a mum who was strict on feeding us on healthy foods, I am also quite particular on what my children eat. Unlike many parents, I do not load my fridge or pantry with loads of snacks that the children can have whenever they are hungry. I believe in having healthy foods. As such, whenever hunger strikes between meals, I like my children having light foods such as smoothies, yoghurt, whole meal bread, fruits, or fruit juice.

Having a steady supply of these healthy options is however not easy, and I understand why many parents succumb to allowing their children to feed on junk. Since I am determined not to follow this trend, I decided to take on another strategy.

Since I cannot keep up with my children’s ravenous appetite by always having these healthy snacks, I decided to instead be cooking lots of food for meal time. This would ensure that the kids would be well filled in one sitting. With a big meal, there would also be left over food that can be stored in the fridge and whenever one was hungry, it would be easy to warm the food and eat.

To do this, I have to invest in larger cooking appliances. My old pressure cooker has a limited capacity.

Shopping has never been one of my strong points and I am always lost whenever I am presented with many options to choose from when shopping. Luckily there are many online reviews for kitchen appliances where I can read and effectively choose the best pressure cooker for me.

Apart from getting a larger pressure cooker, I am thinking that some of my electrical appliances are too outdated. From what I see in online reviews for kitchen appliances, there are some more modern appliances that provide many advantages as compared to the older models such as the ones in my kitchen.

For example, instead of sticking to my old cooking pans, maybe I could invest in an electric skillet. An electric skillet would provide the advantages of cooking faster and saving energy. An electric skillet also has the advantage of enabling one to cook in a precise manner. One can automatically control the heat and the time duration for cooking. It is easier to cook using an electric skillet and even my children would find it easy to use and they can prepare meals by themselves.

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