My new job and its free burgers is getting me fat!

My new job and its free burgers is getting me fat!

Last week I checked my weight and I was shocked. In two months I had gained a massive five pounds! I was horrified!

I hate being overweight and I had stubbornly ignored the remarks of my friends when they had commented on me adding weight after I started my new job. As it is, I thought that my friends were just making jokes and teasing me due to the nature of my new job. I recently got a job as a cashier at a fast food restaurant.

I had never been overweight in my life and I had never thought that I would see the day when I would gain excessive weight. I thought being overweight was beyond me. I had even had funny ideas that fat people could feel their weight. Maybe that is why I was reluctant to accept that I had gained weight. I thought that if I got fat I would feel myself bulge or something.

The weight check had been a true shocker, I had to double check just to be sure that the weighing scale was not faulty and that my eyes were not playing tricks on me. I finally confirmed the weighing scale’s declaration when I went and stood before my full size mirror and carefully analyzed my image. As a guy who is not particularly concerned about looks, I would normally give my mirror a mere glance mostly to check the state of my hair, this time I gave the mirror all my attention. The bulge on my midsection was quite obvious.

It is obvious that the food that I have been munching on at the fast food outlet was responsible for my getting fat. My job is as a cashier and one of the benefits of my job is that there are some of the products we sell that I can have a daily free supply of. These includes soft drinks, French fries, and my favorite; Beef burgers!

I do not have a big appetite and I do not eat much. This has been one of the reasons I have always been slim. Even now I do not eat a lot. In fact, I have not changed any of my eating habits apart from eating different types of food. The difference is that, now I am increasingly feeding on junk foods.

The fact that I am seated for most of the day makes it even worse. The heavy cholesterol and bad calories that I continuously eat up are not used up but are stocked up in my body as fat. The short walk home is insignificant exercise for the day.

I have to make extreme changes to my eating habits. I have to stop eating the junk food freely supplied at my work place and I have to find healthier foods. I am thinking of investing in a calorie watch that will help me manage my calorie intake. To reduce the already accumulated fat, I also need to do some physical exercises. I am thinking of every day going for a jog early in the morning before coming to work.

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