Kayaking was the highlight activity that spiced up our vacation last summer

couple kayaking by a tropical island in the Caribbean

Last summer, I had a fantastic time with my family during vacation. Among other things that contributed to the vacation’s success, kayaking topped the list. This was our first time to try kayaking as a family. My wife and I had been introducing to kayaking by another family with whom we were close friends. They had tried kayaking during their previous vacation and realized that it was a great outdoor activity and they urged us to try it on our vacation.

We were going on vacation together with another family that lives a few blocks away from our

house. There are two kids in that family, a son and a daughter just like in my family. My kids are however younger with my son who is ten years and my daughter who is eight years old. All the kids were however old enough to kayak.

I had been introduced to kayaking earlier by my work colleagues one time when went for team building. My wife and kids had never kayaked before and so I knew that kayaking would be a great experience for them. In the other family, no one had ever kayaked before. They were however good swimmers since they have a swimming pool in their compound that they used frequently.

Our friends, who had recommended kayaking for us, had purchased an inflatable tandem kayak during their vacation. They offered to lend this inflatable kayak for our vacation. Apparently, they had loved kayaking so much that they purchased a kayak so that they could be using it regularly especially on weekends.

Tandem kayaks are kayaks paddled by two people. They are very stable and also have the advantage of carrying extra weight especially when kayaking with families.

The kayak proved to be advantageous to us since it could be deflated within minutes to a size that could fit in a travel bag. Inflation is also easy. We were able to conveniently transport our kayak in the trunk of our vehicle unlike the hard-shell kayaks which require transportation on carriers. This tandem kayak was also very light and the kids enjoyed carrying it around to different kayaking spots.

The tandem kayak was large enough and it could accommodate the four members in each family. We paddled the kayak in turns giving each family enough time on the waters. We were lucky to get other experienced kayakers during our vacation who taught us more kayaking tricks.

The vacation was on a kayaking resort where there was a myriad of other outdoor activities such as kayak fishing, surfing, and snorkeling. Having our own kayak was also advantageous since we did not incur the cost of hiring a kayak.

Apart from kayaking, we were also introduced to fishing using various fishing equipment such as bait casting reels and other fishing tackle. The inflatable kayak offered a stable fishing ground just like other specially made fishing kayaks.

This kayak also maneuvered easily on waters but it required some effort to propel. I never viewed this as a disadvantage since it acted as an alternative form of work out for us during the vacation.

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