Joblessness drove me to open my own diner

When I had stayed for seven months without getting a job after college, I became quite desperate. I was heartbroken since I had not quickly gotten a job as I had imagined. Many of my colleagues who we had graduated together with had already started working in one capacity or the other.

I had sent several applications requesting for a working position as a chef. This is the only profession that I loved and it is what I had studied for in college. It was a profession that I had a lot of passion for. I had built the passion for cooking ever since I was a little girl. My mother, who loved me dearly as her only child, always wanted to be with me. She would strive to spend every minute she could with me whenever she was not at work.

As such, she would always encourage me to stay with her when she was cooking in the kitchen. When I grew older and she started giving small cooking tasks, I had immediately fallen in love with the art.

My mother did not have to encourage me to come to the kitchen any more. Instead she now had to restrain me from spending too much time in the kitchen.

In school I was a great cookery student and I passed highly. This was one of the reasons I could not really understand why I was not being called up for any of the places I applied for a position. I however secretly new that I had been too choosy in my job applications. I had only sent applications to big hotels and restaurants that were around our locality. I did not want to work far from home where I would be far from my mother. Maybe the hotels and restaurants around simply did not have any vacancies.

Since there was no small eatery around our home area, I thought about renting a premise and starting my own diner that would keep me occupied until there was a vacancy for me. The idea sounded very good to me and my mom was also quite excited about it. With her help I opened a small homely diner.

I started by making all the common dishes that I knew most of the people were likely to prefer. I especially made food that students in the music college nearby would want. Within a few days after opening the diner, I started receiving some customers. I realized that most of the orders were for rice. I had to get a faster rice cooker. From a cuckoo rice cooker review on the internet, I saw that this would be the ideal rice cooker for me.

The flow of customers promised to increase and I saw that my small dinner with its handful of seats would be insufficient. Since there was some space at the front lawn of the premise, I decided to pitch an umbrella tent where I put extra tables and chairs. Since I also realized that the workload would increase, I decided to invest in a programmable pressure cooker that would make it easier to cook with as I tended to other duties such as dish washing.

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