Finally I decided to take action and manage my weight

weight lossEver since I was a teenager, I have struggled with a weight problem. I was not very fat but I hated my protruding belly and my love handles. I wanted to be as shapely as some of the other girls in school. Not that there weren’t other bigger girls, but as you know with girls, we always want to be the best.

My appetite did not help my desire for a slim physique. Ever since I was a kid I had however had a healthy appetite and so I did not understand why suddenly my waistline was bulging out of control. I however had a clue. When I was younger, I had been under the strict care of my parents who were very much against eating unhealthy foods. So no matter how much food we ate as youngsters it was not unhealthy food and most of it would be used up by the body or it would harmlessly pass through the body without accumulating as fat.

As a teenager however, I had more freedom to indulge in junk foods, I especially loved burgers, pizzas, French fries, cakes and chocolates. Whenever I needed a drink, sodas were my number one choice. These foods were quite instrumental to my bulging waistline.

Not that I was not physically active. In fact, the bulge would have been much more pronounced had I not been such an active basketball player. I was a reserve in our college team.

The bulge however quickly intensified when I left college and I stopped being physically active. My eating habits did not however change.

My rapidly increasing body weight worried me a great deal and I decided to put a halt to it. First I decided that I would put a check to eating chunk foods. I studied about healthy eating and adopted the lifestyle of eating foods that helped in weight control such as hummus. I also started eating foods which would help me in suppressing my appetite. This included foods such as apple cider vinegar.

Maintaining this lifestyle of eating a healthy diet that most of the time included bland vegetables was quite boring. The only times I enjoyed was when I ate fruits that would at least satisfy my sweet tooth.

Due to my craving for fatty or sugary foods, I often found myself reverting to them especially when I was in the company of friends, such as in the office. As such, I decided that to fight my weight I would need to do more.

I decided to start working out. Since I could no longer go back to basketball due to lack of time, I decided to enroll in a gym. In the gym I would do all kinds of cardio vascular exercises to burn up my extra calories. I also bought the best shoes for weightlifting to help me in the weight lifting routines. I had learnt that muscles help in burning calories faster. A little muscle would also go a long way in improving my physical appearance

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