Emulating my grandparents perfect example of living healthy

living healthy

My grandparents are well into their seventies although many people who are not aware of this would argue and say that they are much younger than this. My parents are still quite active and they still manage to go about their activities without a problem. However, some onsets of arthritis are manifesting themselves in both of them. My grandfather who has started experiencing some pains in his leg joints. My grandmother has some pains in her hands.

The major reason that has seen my grandparents outlive many of their age mates and have better health than people their age is the fact that they have always tried to eat healthy and have healthy lifestyles.

This is largely due to my grandmother having been a nurse for all her active working years until she retired.

Being a nurse, and having embraced her profession with passion, my grandmother had extended her nursing expertise into all her ways of life. Her home has always been spick and span. Even today, she is very particular about the cleanliness of her home. Although she cannot do the cleaning herself, she still demands hospital like standards in cleanliness.

When it came to food, my grandma fed my mother and her siblings with diets that were unique from what other parents were feeding their children, my mother and her siblings would often complain with the often bland tasting foods.

Two weeks from now my grandparents will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. We want to reward them with something special. Among the gifts we have decided to buy for them, we agreed that we have to buy them some kitchenware. I have been tasked with deciding what to buy.

I am thinking that buying the best immersion blender ideal for the aged would be good present for them. Stand-on-table blenders, such as the one’s they use are not very convenient when one wants to beat/ blend some light soup, yoghurt, or smoothie. They are also not very easy to clean. My grandparent would find an immersion blender very easy to use.

For my grandfather, I am thinking of buying him a wine cooler. He is an occasional drinker. He likes to have some of his favorite wine when he is reading or when he goes into the outdoors to relax with grandma. They are particular fond of visiting the beach where they can enjoy the sun and take in the view of the ocean.

My grandparents’ impact has been greatly felt in the family. The important teachings on healthy living that they instilled on our parents have been handed down and we, as the grandchildren, can also enjoy the benefits.

My desire is to grow into an old age having a healthy body. My mother has taught me how to eat healthy and live healthy but the example set by my grandparents are my strongest motivation. In an age where no care is given to the needs of the physical body, where people die prematurely due to health related complications, I want to stand out by living a long healthy life. My desire is to instill the same values to my children.

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