Embracing a healthy lifestyle through kayaking

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Lifestyle diseases have become a major concern for most people today. This has made many people to embrace healthy lifestyles to avoid falling victim for killer diseases such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, obesity and many others.

This therefore means that people are being very attentive to the kind of foods that they consume. A healthy lifestyle is boosted by consumption of healthy foods and performing regular exercises so as to keep the body fit for normal functioning.

The modern day man is susceptible to contracting various lifestyle diseases owing to the nature of foods he takes and failure to perform exercises. Junk foods are especially high in empty calories and cause increase in weight when consumed. These foods are deficient of vital nutrients such as vitamins and minerals which are necessary for proper functioning of the body.

Modern lifestyle has also discouraged people from performing regular exercises for fitness. Most of the time, individuals have tight working schedules with very little time left for performing exercises. It is therefore important that people find alternative ways of performing workouts that can be fun and more fulfilling.

Kayaking is an outdoor activity that has increasingly grown in popularity with time. Some people chose kayaking as a hobby, while others view it as a great way of performing body workouts. There are different types of kayaks such as sit in and sit on top kayaks that can be used by both beginners and skilled kayakers.

Kayaks for beginners are easy to paddle and quite stable on water. The most common types of kayaks for beginners include the inflatable and hard-shell sit on top kayaks. Inflatable kayaks are made from materials such as PVC, hardened rubber, polyutherane amongst others.

These kayaks are durable since the materials used to make them have been hardened to resist wear and tear. They are also considered stable and hence very friendly for use by beginners. Most of the inflatable kayaks have large storage spaces and can carry extra luggage. These kayaks can be used in a variety of environments such as in rivers, lakes, oceans and seas.

Inflatable kayaks require some considerable effort to propel compared to hard shell kayaks. The action of paddling an inflatable kayak provides a great opportunity of working out various muscles of the body. While paddling, one uses various sets of body muscles that include the hands, the legs, core muscles, chest muscles and the abdominal muscles.

A beginner can also consider a sit on top kayak for kayaking. Just like the inflatable kayaks, sit on top kayaks are considered stable and also good for beginners. Apart from paddling, sit on top kayaks can be used for kayak fishing. Hard shell sit on top kayaks however leave a paddler exposed to the elements such as the cold spray.

One advantage of kayaking is that an individual can combine it with other hobbies such as photography, wildlife viewing, camping, hiking and bird watching. Sea touring kayaks come in handy during such expeditions. These are sit in kayaks that have been designed to offer maximum comfort for individuals paddling over long distances.

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