Demystifying common myths on inflatable kayaks and providing the real facts

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Many paddlers cannot dispute the fact that inflatable kayaks are the most portable kayaks. Despite this and other advantages of the inflatable kayak, there are a lot of myths that are peddled out there concerning inflatable kayaks most of which are untrue. Sadly, some of the myths are mostly perpetuated by people who do not get the opportunity to learn the actual facts. Here are some of the most common myths;

Many people believe that since inflatable kayaks do not have a cockpit that is enclosed like the hard shell kayaks, they fill up with water more easily. This is actually not true because inflatable kayaks are self-bailing and have holes in their seams that drain the kayaks very quickly. The sides of an inflatable kayak are raised higher than the hard shell kayaks hence not much water makes its way into the kayak despite not having a covered cockpit.

It is also believed by many people that as soon as an inflatable kayak hits a rock or any other rough surfaces in a river it gets punctured. Well, this is actually very far from the truth since most inflatable kayaks are made from PVC material that is a heavy duty material which easily bounces off rocks without much of a scratch. While punctures can sometimes be experienced, they are not as frequent as a lot of people seem to believe.

It is also common for people to think that inflatable kayaks are less stable in comparison to hard shell kayaks. But the truth is that inflatable kayaks are made with a base that is wider than their hard shell counterparts which makes them more stable, especially where huge waves are involved. The wide base is also beneficial in many ways since it increases the space on the inflatable kayaks. This is one of the reasons why inflatable kayaks are now preferred for fishing. This is because it has more space for accessories like the fishing lines, baits for fish and fish storage space.

Due to their size, many people have been made to believe that inflatable kayaks are less maneuverable and quite sluggish. Contrary to this believe, some modern inflatable kayaks are known to track very well and also move quite swiftly on rivers. Most inflatable kayaks are also known to maneuver through category 4 whitewater courses.

You might also have heard people saying that inflatable kayakers are not made for people who are serious with kayaking. A closer look at many whitewater festivals will actually prove this kind of assertion wrong since there are now more competitions in whitewater events that are set aside for inflatable kayaks. All these competitions are organized for serious kayakers and it clearly shows that inflatable kayakers are also for serious kayakers.

People who are used to using hard shell kayaks believe that inflatable kayaks are not as fun as the hard shell kayaks. In contrast to this kind of believe, people who begin kayaking using an inflatable kayak gain water confidence much faster and begin to enjoy kayaking faster than the beginners who start with hard shell kayaks.

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