Beloved Tank
Beloved Tank
Beloved Tank

Beloved Tank

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I Am Beloved
I don’t know what names you’ve been called or labels you’ve unfairly been given but I do know of one that can never be taken away from you, Beloved.
You did nothing to earn this title, therefore there is nothing you, or anyone else, can do to take it away from you. It was freely and graciously given to you by a deeply loving God, a God who cares for your well being, a God who knows your every flaw and fault you’ve committed and ever will commit. And yet, forever He calls you beloved.
30% of the proceeds will be donated to Mission Arlington.


  • Womens Peach Tank
  • 65% Polyester | 35% Viscose
  • Designed by Educatingthewheelers 
  • Made by Bella Canvas
  • Bella Canvas Sizing Chart
  • Printed by Trust Printshop in Fort Worth, TX


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