Challenges faced by any successful fitness trainer


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As a fitness trainer, I have to lead my trainees by example. I have to be extremely fit to be able to coach my classes. My work is done by practically demonstrating and taking my trainees through various work out routines. This is my full time job. In a day, I might have up to four sessions and in each session I have to give my best. As such, in very simple terms, I have to be four times as fit as my students to be able to effectively coach during the four sessions in a day.

Since acquiring a good physique is one of the top priorities for most people who come to my gym, I have to maintain my body in top shape. This has been one of my biggest challenges in this job.

I had always been fit and acrobatic since my childhood days. I had decided to have a career related to this advantages that I was naturally endowed with. When I was finally training to be a fitness specialist, I had been hit with the realization that to be a good fitness coach, a fit, well-built physique was important. Unfortunately I was quite slender.

My teacher had advised me that I would need to build more mass. This meant building up more muscle. To do this, I had to do lots of weight lifting.

I remember that I had to intensively lift weights to work out different muscles in my body for four straight months before I was finally satisfied with the results. And I must say the results were astonishing. Every time I would meet someone whom I had not met for some time, they would be amazed at the changes in my body.

To achieve this rapid increase in muscle, I had to pay great attention to my diet. I had to eat healthy carbohydrates that would give me lots of energy and I had to make sure that these carbohydrates did not have bad calories that could get me fat. I also ensured that my diet consisted of a lot of protein which was essential for the building of muscle. It is during this time that I started taking whey protein powders.

At first I had not liked them very much due to the taste but I had later been introduced by a friend to some sweetened whey protein powders that were much more pleasant and manageable.

Even after acquiring the muscled physique, I have still continued with the weight lifting workouts and eating healthy. In my gym, I have a small kitchenette where I prepare most of my food. I rarely buy readymade food. Most of the eateries, especially fast food outlets have food made to be tasty but food that is not necessarily healthy.

I have an espresso machine that I use to make my coffee and thus I avoid all commercial soft drinks and beverages. I also have a blender which I use to make smoothies that are a good source of vitamins and beverages. I also have a small electric skillet which I occasionally use to make vegetable stews and to sometimes boil rice.

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