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Kayaking was the highlight activity that spiced up our vacation last summer

couple kayaking by a tropical island in the Caribbean

Last summer, I had a fantastic time with my family during vacation. Among other things that contributed to the vacation’s success, kayaking topped the list. This was our first time to try kayaking as a family. My wife and I had been introducing to kayaking by another family with whom we were close friends. They had tried kayaking during their previous vacation and realized that it was a great outdoor activity and they urged us to try it on our vacation.

We were going on vacation together with another family that lives a few blocks away from our

house. There are two kids in that family, a son and a daughter just like in my family. My kids are however younger with my son who is ten years and my daughter who is eight years old. All the kids were however old enough to kayak.

I had been introduced to kayaking earlier by my work colleagues one time when went for team building. My wife and kids had never kayaked before and so I knew that kayaking would be a great experience for them. In the other family, no one had ever kayaked before. They were however good swimmers since they have a swimming pool in their compound that they used frequently.

Our friends, who had recommended kayaking for us, had purchased an inflatable tandem kayak during their vacation. They offered to lend this inflatable kayak for our vacation. Apparently, they had loved kayaking so much that they purchased a kayak so that they could be using it regularly especially on weekends.

Tandem kayaks are kayaks paddled by two people. They are very stable and also have the advantage of carrying extra weight especially when kayaking with families.

The kayak proved to be advantageous to us since it could be deflated within minutes to a size that could fit in a travel bag. Inflation is also easy. We were able to conveniently transport our kayak in the trunk of our vehicle unlike the hard-shell kayaks which require transportation on carriers. This tandem kayak was also very light and the kids enjoyed carrying it around to different kayaking spots.

The tandem kayak was large enough and it could accommodate the four members in each family. We paddled the kayak in turns giving each family enough time on the waters. We were lucky to get other experienced kayakers during our vacation who taught us more kayaking tricks.

The vacation was on a kayaking resort where there was a myriad of other outdoor activities such as kayak fishing, surfing, and snorkeling. Having our own kayak was also advantageous since we did not incur the cost of hiring a kayak.

Apart from kayaking, we were also introduced to fishing using various fishing equipment such as bait casting reels and other fishing tackle. The inflatable kayak offered a stable fishing ground just like other specially made fishing kayaks.

This kayak also maneuvered easily on waters but it required some effort to propel. I never viewed this as a disadvantage since it acted as an alternative form of work out for us during the vacation.


Domino effect activities brought about by motherhood

new motherWhen I was about to become a mother for the first time, I realized that my life was suddenly going to change a big deal. I realized that I would undergo a non-reversible change in my life. The changes were in almost all aspects of my life. From my body, my thinking, and the way I did things. What I had not really anticipated for so much were the changes that would occur in my house.

I had been married to my husband for two years and we had lived all along in the apartment we had moved into once we got married. It was a two bedroomed apartment that we had liked for its spacious rooms and kitchen. I had also liked the way light streamed into the bedroom and into the living room.

When I was pregnant with my son, I however realized that I had not carefully thought about children when choosing the house. Luckily, the house did not have any hazards that could affect small children. My only problem was with the furniture arrangements. I had to make major changes to our bedroom to accommodate my newborn’s cot.

When it came to the kitchen, I realized that I had bought much of the kitchenware with only my husband and myself in mind. I had not considered the needs of an infant child.

For example, little kiddies do not eat solid food, they have to have special liquid food made for them. This requires a blender. I did not have a single blender in the house. My husband and I were not very enthusiastic about blended foods such as smoothies so I had not had any reason to think of a blender before. Now I had to get one.

Since I did not know anything about blenders, I went into the internet and started reading articles on how to make food for an infant child. I realized that a smoothie maker would be ideal to make the baby’s food. I read several smoothie maker reviews and finally found one that I believed would be ideal for me.

Since by then I was quite pregnant, my husband decided to do the shopping for me. I told him the name of the exact smoothie maker I wanted and told him of some of the outlets where he could find it.

As he was shopping, my husband stumbled across an ice-cream maker. My husband and I are both quite fond of ice-cream. We had however never thought about homemade ice cream. My husband thought that since I would be spending a lot of time at home, I could as well be making some homemade ice-cream. Since he had no clue about the type of ice-cream maker to buy, he decided not to buy one immediately. He asked me to first go over some of the ice cream maker reviews on the net and see which ice cream maker would be ideal for us. Since I love ice cream so much, that evening I was ready with an answer.


What is Good for Mama is Good for Baby

What is Good for Mama is Good for Baby

When a woman becomes pregnant there are many changes that she must make in order to stay healthy for her and her unborn child. Nutrition plays a huge role in a child’s health as well as your own. Not only do you have to eat healthier but you also have to take prenatal vitamins to assist in giving you and your baby the additional nutritional value you both require. There are a number of different prenatal vitamins available but none of them can be used as a substitute for a healthy diet, so both are required. Here is some more information on the importance of prenatal vitamins.

There are many benefits that come with taking a prenatal vitamin while pregnant. What most women do not realize is that prenatal vitamins are much different than your typical vitamin. Prenatal vitamins contain folic acid which assists with any neural tube defects that may occur in your child. These are defects that impact your child’s spinal cord as well as their brain. The iron that is in a prenatal vitamin helps prevent the mother from becoming anemic which can also deeply impact the baby.

Prenatal vitamins contain folic acid, calcium, iron, vitamin C, Zinc, Copper, Vitamin B-6, and Vitamin D. These should not be used as a substitute for good nutrition. You need to make sure you are still maintaining a healthy diet. The calcium will be very helpful especially in your final trimester. Calcium helps to build your baby’s bones and keep them strong. It is crucial that you keep a lot of calcium in your diet including the prenatal vitamin. One thing prenatal vitamins do not contain are omega-3 fatty acids which you will find in fish. So make sure you keep fish in your diet if you are able to.

Iodine is something else that is typically found in prenatal vitamins. The greater amounts of iodine your body has the less hormonal you will be during your pregnancy. If you do not have the right amount of iodine intake, you run the risk of congenital hypothyroidism and even miscarriage or stillbirth. Vitamin D is also essential in expectant mothers. This also helps to keep bones healthy in the mother as well as the child. It also can prevent a painful pregnancy and childbirth. If you are having trouble sleeping at night, you can take some over-the-counter sleeping pills to help you sleep. Always consult with your doctor before taking any medication.

It is important to talk to your OB-GYN before you begin taking a prenatal vitamin. They can typically prescribe you a vitamin that best suits your needs. If you are already someone who has a very healthy diet they can prescribe one that is built around that. There are some expectant mothers that will require more vitamins others, so always keep that in mind.

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5 Things To Consider When Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kids is not the same as traveling with adults; it can actually turn into a hassle if you aren’t prepared because a lot of complications can occur when you vacation with children. Before making things difficult for yourself remember to plan ahead. Below you’ll find 5 things to consider when traveling with kids that will help make the trip an enjoyable for everyone.


1. Bring Along Extra food and Extra Cash
You’ll need to pick up kid friendly, healthy snacks that they can enjoy on the road (that aren’t too messy) and in the hotel; this step alone can dissuade whining on the trip. You’ll also want to make sure to bring extra cash for souvenirs and unplanned on activities that you stumble on along the way from feeding the animals at the Zoo (some have coin operated machines for food delivery), to arcades and perhaps roller skate or bicycle rentals.

2. Location, Location, Location
You can’t pick a location without thinking about the people you are traveling with. Make sure to plan a trip to a location that is also enjoyable for the entire family, not the same typical vacation ideas for couples. Look for accommodations that are close to your ultimate destination making it easy to get back and forth. Most hotels located near vacation hotspots offer shuttle services making it easy to get tired children back to the room for a nap. It’s also a good idea to choose a hotel with on-site, kid friendly activities like a swimming pool and one that offers complimentary breakfast is a great idea as well.

3. Plan to see kid friendly venues
There’s plenty of cities with aquariums, zoos, beaches, fun houses, restaurants that cater to children and more, so why not do some research to make sure you’re choosing a kid-friendly vacation destination? When you pick a destination try to make an action plan that involves all the different possible venues for you and your children to enjoy; you’ll have a great time if you do.

4. Wardrobe matters
Your kids don’t know how to pack and they also tend to need more clothes than most adults which is why packing their wardrobe accordingly is so important. Make sure to bring comfortable sandals for them if you’re going to a beach, bring a couple swimsuits for each of them, bring plenty of changes of clothes to cover accidents and each day of the trip.

5. Have Fun
Planning a vacation with your children can be a lot of fun and it doesn’t hurt to get them involved in the process, making it seem like more fun than a chore. A well planned trip will ensure that everyone has a lot of fun whether it’s taking a cruise, visiting the world best amusement parks or camping out.

As you start planning for your next family vacation, keep these 5 things to consider when traveling with kids in mind and make wonderful memories together.