Seasons End

Over four years ago we answered a pull on our hearts to start Educatingthewheelers. In faith, we gave God our obedience to create gospel centered apparel and serve our community with a portion of the profits. We defined success as being obedient and leaned into Gods leadership. 

God used this time, and Educatingthewheelers to grow my faith and character. I learned about resolve, steadfastness, placing my hope in God, and laying my burdens and disappointments on His shoulder. He gave me courage and confidence both in my self and in Him to forge the rivers and accomplish difficult tasks. I imagined that henceforth, Educatingthewheelers would always be a part of our lives, but we know there is a time for everything.

With heavy hearts but a clear conscious, we have decided to end this season. There are seasons for planting, for cultivating, and seasons for harvest. But there are also times to prune, for endings, to clean up, and ultimately to create space and opportunity. If we try to do everything, we won't do any of it well. Nothing would have space to thrive, to grow. 

2020 has brought Fiorella home from being a flight attendant with American Airlines, possibly for good. This new season has given her the opportunity to become a stay-at-home mom, a dream and desire the Lord has recently placed on her heart. God has blessed her with the opportunity to spend all of her day with our daughter, Sofia, at such a tender and vital age. We are grateful that God has blessed us in a way that makes this possible. 

God has blessed us abundantly by providing me a new job as a User Interface Designer at Geoforce. My desire is to give this new position the time and focus that it deserves, and to follow God's leadership. We walked into this endeavor out of obedience and we are choosing to hold it loosely in our grasp as we let go.

For those that have loved, encouraged, and supported us on this journey, I hope that you continue to do so. I hope that you, like I, look back on any of our work with fondnessI hope that you understand our heart. 

All that being said, we are currently still open and our site is still running. We have marked all of our product prices all the way down to cost. I don't have any plans at this time to restock any sizes or designs. Our current plan to is to keep the site running through March as we sell off product and close our doors on this season of our life. Take this opportunity to grab any Educatingthewheelers product that you have had your eye on the past few years. This is definitely the lowest price it has ever been.

Article Author - Seth Thomas

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