A Profile Of Marilyn vos Savant

Marilyn vos Savant is a very important person in the history of humanity. Born on August 11th, 1946, the Missouri born author, lecturer and playwright has enjoyed many successful contributions to society, but perhaps she is best known for having the highest IQ in the world.

bio_photo_marilynMarilyn is also well known for her column in Parade magazine called “Ask Marilyn” whereby she solves puzzles and answers difficult questions for her fans and readers, on a wide range of subjects. Her shot to prominence came in 1985, when her application for the highest IQ in the world, at a whopping 190, was accepted. Inducted in 1986, and stayed there until 1990 when the record was removed from the book, as it was deemed insufficient due to the unreliability of an IQ  test.

Having used the Stanford-Binet and Mega Tests, vos Savant claims that her first test was in 1956, and predicted that she would peak aged 22, with an IQ of 228. This has been mistaken as 230 by some sources, but it is stated in her biography and other book that her test stated 228.

However, vos Savant has taken many different tests and therefore there is a multitude of different answers, guesses and estimations out there. However, psychology professor and IQ test author Alan S. Kaufman dictated that when using revised, modern IQ scores, that it can go no higher than 170.

However, over the years, many people have questioned the legitimacy of the claim of her high IQ, and some have even taken to looking actively for mistakes in her popular column, “Ask Marilyn”. However, having become a respected author and lecturer on various topics including intellectual females, intellectual children, the clash between wealth vs intelligence, and who is given the chance, and many other different characteristics and challenging subjects.

Having published over nine different books on different subjects from logical thinking to help guides on reclaiming your education, Marilyn vos Savant is one of the most respected intellectuals of her time, and has helped many people either understand or take their intelligence to a new level.

Many people are frightened by intelligence, but vos Savant shows that if you are able to nurture it, then nothing can stop you.

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