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Sex Education In Schools: How Much Of An Impact Does It Have?

The debate on sex education is a divisive one. Some believe that teaching sexual education in school is the correct thing to do, while others want sexual education to be taught at home.

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While teaching sexual education in the environment of a loving home would be the optimal choice it just does not happen that way. Most parents put on blinders when it comes to their children, wanting to believe that their child is “just too young for that sort of thing”. Children will hear stories from their friends and whether they are true stories or not, those stories are being passed on down the line to other children. Rather than allowing the sexual education of your child be one of made up stories such as the one about not getting pregnant if you wear a condom, it is better to educate yourself as a parent on how to talk to your child about sex.

As of 2014 sex education for children in public schools is part of every states health policies. Because of the effectiveness of sex education being taught in schools we are seeing the rates of teens having babies drop to its lowest levels since the data started being collected. Each state has its own sex education legislature with some states having much more comprehensive education than others.

Sexual education that is comprehensive is the most effective way to keep children and teens from getting pregnant and contracting STI’s (sexually transmitted infections). Some will argue that teaching abstinence is the only solution to unwanted pregnancy and STI’s but studies have shown that virginity pledge or not, these children are initiating sex before marriage and in fact are at a higher risk for STI’s than children who have had comprehensive sex education. These “pledge kids” are less likely to try and obtain birth control of any sort but will still engage in sexual activities.

Learning to talk to your children about sex and sexual activity is the best solution for both you and your child. If the information is coming from a loving place with facts to back it up, your child will feel more at ease when the subject comes up at school and more able to understand the consequences of their actions. Learning responsibility is a part of growing up for everyone and teaching your child to be sexually responsible is a terrific way of showing that you trust them to be a responsible adult.