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Why Work From Your Laptop In A Coffee Shop Instead Of From Home?

A lot of people these days work from home usually hunkered over their desktops, laptops or iPads in their full blown home office. These entrepreneurial individuals have the unique opportunity to be able to work from just about anywhere they want. With mobile computer options and smart phones, we aren’t confined any longer and can escape the four walls of our office cave at home.


While this is a convenient way to make a living, why not take advantage of the change of scenery available that can be a whole lot more interesting and cozy. For a change of pace, pack up your laptop or iPad and head down to your local Starbucks, order your favorite cup of coffee, and nestle in at a table in front of a window or a cozy fireplace or (many Starbucks have them).

Even though coffee served in coffee shops can be a bit pricey, the change of scene can be inspiring because a change of environment promotes creativity. Even the best offices (off site or home offices) can lead to stagnation (boring routines) and boring routines are the enemy of creative thinking. Changing your work environment, even for a day can turn things around when it comes to inspiration and creativity. You’ll also be avoiding that always aggravating state of procrastination.

Sure, I love my Keurig coffee maker and my Grove Square coffee, but every once in a while visiting your favorite coffee shop provides a nice change of pace.

There’s’ something about the cheerful atmosphere, particularly at Starbucks, along with comfortable seating, and a relaxing surroundings, complete with high speed WiFi connections; a great escape from the distractions at home. Working from your laptop in a coffee shop gives you a secluded area where you can drink coffee, go online, work on your projects and enjoy yourself in different surroundings.